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Haraguchi is a student at Shiou University and semi-antagonist of the Genshiken series. He's a self-proclaimed member of Genshiken, though he's never really around the club unless it's to coerce people to join his circle or to taunt Genshiken members. Due to his activities and general demeanor, he's received a bad reputation around school as well as manga artists in general. He is nicknamed "Haraguro" by those that have worked with him.


Haraguchi is tall, slightly chubby, and generally has narrow, calculating eyes. He has a grin that seems friendly at first, but is truly smug upon realization of his true nature. His appearance and general demeanor have made students question his actual age.


Haraguchi is seen as a sleazy, self-centered individual. He claims to be a part of every major anime/manga club, but is in fact expediting members from those clubs to fill his own agenda. Haraguchi then forces them to work on projects, usually doujinshi, to sell for profit at festivals including Comifest.