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The sixth volume of the Genshiken manga.


  • Chapter 31: Kashimashi Musume +1 (かしまし娘+1, Kashimashi Musume +1)
  • Chapter 32: In Their Own World (フタリノセカイ, Futari no Sekai)
  • Chapter 33: Transformation! (変・身!!!!, Hen・shin!!!!)
  • Chapter 34: A One-Way Ticket on the Fantasy Express (妄想特急大暴走〜レールはいつも平行線〜, Mōsō Tokkyū Dai-Bōsō ~Rēru wa Itsumo Heikōsen~)
  • Chapter 35: The Flying Futon (ふとんがふっとん……, Futon ga Futton...)
  • Chapter 36: Graduation Syndrome (卒業症候群, Sotsugyō Shōkōgun)
  • A Graduation Party of Love and Desire (愛と欲望の追い出しコンパ, Ai to Yokubō no Oidashi Konpa)


Ogiue is determined to sell her own doujinshi at the next ComicFest. What genre is she attempting? Why a gay romance . . . starring none other than Madarame and Kanji Sasahara. But when Saki-san catches a glimpse of one of Ogiue's sketches, she gets the wrong idea. Now Saki is convinced that Ogiue is in love with Kanji, and she's dead set on playing Cupid. Meanwhile, as Madarame and Tanaka prepare to graduate, Kanji is about to become a busy senior. He's ready to step down from the Genshiken oval office. But who will take over the role of club president? Here's a hint . . . can you say cosplay?

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