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The fifth volume of the Genshiken manga.


  • Chapter 25: Dive * Dive * Dive!
  • Chapter 26: Applied Theory of Madarame's Shopping Method (斑目式買い物法応用編, Madarame-shiki Kaimono-hō Ōyō-hen)
  • Chapter 27: Stay on Target (志・ミノタケ, Kokorozashi・Minotake)
  • Chapter 28: The First Ever "We've Hardly Got Any Pages Done Yet-Comic-Fest Strategy Meeting" (第1回緊急コミフェス対策原稿ほとんどできてねぇ会議, Dai-Ikkai Kinkyū Komifesu Taisaku Genkō Hotondo Dekitenē Kaigi)
  • Chapter 29: LITTLE BIG SIGHT 1
  • Chapter 30: LITTLE BIG SIGHT 2
  • Irohagokko (いろはごっこ, Irohagokko)


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