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The third volume of the Genshiken manga.


  • Chapter 13: The Smell of Spring (spring スメル spring Sumeru)
  • Chapter 14: Inner Space (インナースペース Innāsupēsu)
  • Chapter 15: 20,000 Miles to Heaven (天国までの二万マイル Tengoku made no Niman Mairu)
  • Chapter 16: Brothers and Sisters
  • Chapter 17: Life or Death (死線 Shisen)
  • Chapter 18: The 512th This Week's 'Kujibiki Unbalance' was Awesome' Meeting Fire Away! (第512回今週の『くじアン』面白かった会議ファイヤー!! Dai Gohyakujūni-kai Konshū no 'Kujian' Omoshirokatta Kaigi Faiyā!!)
  • The 8th How was This Week's 'Kuji-Un'? Meeting (第8回「今週のアニメ『くじアン』どうよ?」会議 Dai Hakkai Konshū no Anime Kujian Dō yo? Kaigi)


Kanji Sasahara's annoyingly normal little sister, Keiko, has fallen for video game master Kousaka. And now she's willing to do whatever it takes to steal him away from his girlfriend, Saki Kasukabe . . . even if it means becoming a fangirl herself!

But as a wise member of the Genshiken once said: "You don't become an otaku by trying." So Saki teaches Keiko-chan what dating a rabid fan truly means . . . and it ain't pretty. Then, just to add to the craziness, there's plastic modeling mayhem (don't ask), the challenge of Kanji's first PC, and Saki's penchant for pyromania. Looks like things are heating up!