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The secong volume of the Genshiken manga.


  • Chapter 7: A Fruit Plucked Too Soon (青き果実を血湖に染めて Aoki Kajitsu o Kekko ni Somete)
  • Chapter 8: The North Wind
  • Chapter 9: Hi, Flying High (ハイ、フライ ハイ Hai, Furai Hai)
  • Chapter 10: Sadomasochism (サドマゾ Sadomazo)
  • Chapter 11: Sasahara Gains Some Hit Points, But Loses Intelligence Points (ササハラはレベルがあがった!かしこさが2へった! Sasahara wa Reberu ga Agatta! Kashikosa ga Ni Hetta!)
  • Chapter 12: Please, Mr. President! (会長お願いします Kaichō Onegai Shimasu!))
  • Kujibiki Boom (くじびきでポン Kujibiki de Pon))


Kanji Sasahara has finally accepted that he's a true otaku who belongs in the Genshiken. Meanwhile, Saki Kasukabe still can't stand how much time her boyfriend, video game master Kousaka, wastes with the Genshiken guys.

Saki isn't the only one who's upset that the club members do nothing but sit around playing video games. Kitagawa, the vicious vice president of the campus activities organization, is determined to break up the Genshiken. But the Prez has some dirt (and leverage) on Kitagawa. In fact, the Prez seems to have the lowdown on a lot of students—including Saki Kasukabe, who suddenly harbors a fear of hidden cameras!