Genshiken Wiki

The first volume of the Genshiken manga.


  1. Genshiken (現視研)
  2. Prepare to be Persecuted (虐ゲラレル覚悟 Shiitagerareru Kakugo)
  3. The Most Meaningless Strategy in History (史上最小・最軽量の作戦 Shijō Saishō, Saikeiryō no Sakusen)
  4. Gather 'Round the Round Table (円卓会議は踊る Entaku Kaigi wa Odoru)
  5. Fighting the Crowd (コミコミ Komikomi)
  6. The Secret Room (秘密の小部屋 Himitsu no Kobeya)
  • To Hell with Destiny (運命なんてしらない Unmei nante Shiranai)


It's the spring of freshman year, and Kanji Sasahara is in a quandary. Should he fulfil his long-cherished dream of joining an otaku club? Saki Kasukabe also faces a dilemma. Can she ever turn her boyfriend, anime fanboy Kousaka, into a normal guy? Kanji triumphs where Saki fails, when both Kanji and Kousaka sign up for Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture.

Undeterred, Saki chases Makoto through various activities of the club, from cosplay and comic conventions to video gaming and collecting anime figures - all the while discovering more than she ever wanted to know about the humorous world of the Japanese otaku!