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Genshiken 2 is the sequel season to the Genshiken manga, which also ran on Kodansha's monthly manga anthology Afternoon.


The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, otherwise known as Genshiken, is now under the charge of a more confident Kanji Sasahara. Things have changed in between semesters, and the otaku club now has a new otaku-hating member named Chika Ogiue.

Sasahara's initial goal of starting a doujin circle and selling those fan-made magazines at the next Comic Festival becomes a reality, but the reality is a cruel master... who apparently cosplays. Afterwards, the club is abuzz with talk about Souichirou Tanaka and Kanako Ohno's relationship, which takes a hesitant step forward.

Episode Guide[]

  1. The Other Side of the Path. The Promised Place.
  2. Cross over My Legs
  3. Daydream Believer
  4. Beards and Boobs
  5. Go Next!
  6. Shout "Moe!" Beyond the Event Horizon
  8. There's a Route, but There's No Loop
  9. White GateKeeper
  10. Snow Man
  11. That Was a Good Last Episode
  12. Love and Work and Cheesecake
  13. Waiting in the Club Room
  14. OAD: Neverending Earthly Desires

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