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The First President (also known as the First Chairman and First Prez) is the original club president of Genshiken. His actual name and age is unknown, and he has supposedly been the president of Genshiken since its inception, quite possibly as far back in the late 80s as evidence suggests. He is an enigmatic figure and often appears suddenly and out of nowhere.

During the events of the series, The First President plays a role in saving Genshiken from being dissolved. Afterwards, he steps down from his position and gives leadership to Madarame. Even so, he is still referred to by the others as the First Prez.


The First President is a seemingly aged looking student, with a frail-looking build, mid-length hair and beady eyes. He's often dressed in a heavy sweater and slacks with big round glasses. He has a small, unassuming grin. Whenever he appeared in the anime, there is often a sitar playing in his background music, and sometimes a horror violin screech.


The First President is an outwardly calm and friendly individual, and most people do not assume the worst of him. However, Saki Kasukabe starts to realize something is off about him once he gives her inside information on the Student Council Vice-Chairman. The First President subtly hints that he has some kind of surveillance network around the school and could use his information to force people out of school if he really wanted to. Although he acts with benevolence, his insidious hobby terrifies Saki into joining Genshiken to avoid antagonizing him.